UNICHARM Silcot Puff/Cotton

UNICHARM Silcot Puff/Cotton

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UNICHARM Silcot Uru Uru Puff 40 pcs
  • Made with triple-layer material that ensures the cotton puff transfers lotion generously at each patting for a more effective skin care routine.
  • It is extremely gentle and non-irritating to the skin with amazing moisturizing sensation.
  • For those of you who wants lotion to penetrate skin without any waste.
UNICHARM Silcot Regular Puff 82 pcs
  • Made with plant-derived fiber (rayon) carefully selected from numerous wadding materials for a consistent soft, smooth texture.
  • It allows maximum absorption and assists in the application of any liquid skincare products without becoming fuzzy.
  • For those of you who want to use cotton puffs in many ways!
UNICHARM Silcot Soft Touch Premium Cotton 66 pcs
  • Made with 100% natural cotton that ensures to provide high quality comfort and gentleness to the skin.
  • With the added moisturizing ingredients that used to provide ultimate soft and rich touch cotton puffs with no corners.
  • For those of you who wants extremely gentle cotton puffs for your skin.

How to use

  1. UNICHARM Silcot Uru Uru Puff 40 pcs
    1. Apply a clear lotion to a cotton puff.
    2. Wipe your entire face gently.
    3. Get a new puff and apply a moisturizing lotion to it
    4. Pat all over the face gently.
  2. UNICHARM Silcot Regular Puffs 82 pcs
    1. Apply milky lotion evenly all over the cotton puff.
    2. Press the milky lotion on to the cheeks, jaw, forehead and the tip of nose, and pat around evenly.
    3. Pat around eyes, mouth and the wings of the nose
    4. Two-hand press down
  3. UNICHARM Silcot Soft Touch Premium Cotton 66 pcs
    1. Use a dry Silcot Soft Touch Premium Cotton to wipe off make up instead of oil removing paper.
    2. It leaves the foundation intact while removing excess sebum.
    3. Replenish moisture using a spray-on type lotion, and then pat on milky lotion or makeup base with a cotton puff.
    4. This will prevent drying of the skin and takes the re-applied foundation well.
    5. To save puffs, use one side of the puff to remove sebum and the other side to press on the base.


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Uru Uru Puff, Regular Puff, Soft Touch Premium Cotton

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