KIKU MASAMUNE Skin Care Face Mask 7pcs

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  • This face mask contains moisturizing, toning Japanese sake (rice ferment filtrate). Made with Kiku Masamune Junmai Ginjo grade sake.
  • The soft, cushy sheet material adheres to dry, rough spots and wraps the skin gently.
  • The rich concentration of essence sinks into the outer layer of the skin.
  • Its luxurious Japanese sake (rice ferment filtrate), 8 kinds of amino acids, and two types of moisturizing ceramide keep the skin hydrated, leaving you with soft, firm skin.
  • Has a light, aromatic scent of sweet Japanese sake.
  • Low pH. Contains no added color or mineral oil.

How to use

  1. Please take out one mask from the package bag, then unfold (open) the mask.
  2. Align the position of the eyes and mouth and put on the entire on your face.
  3. Then adjust so as to be in close contact with the face so that does not enter the air.
  4. The eyes part is, there are two of use. It can also be used in a double under the eyes or it can also be used to cover the top of the eyelid.
  5. Put the mask on the face, then take it off about 10 to 15 minutes after using.
  6. Please have the remaining cosmetic solution on top of the skin and rub in the palm of the hand.


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