BIOAQUA Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel 220g

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  • Gel with its mild and moisturizing aloe vera
  • Natural aloe vera leaf extract absorbs well and is non-sticky
  • Relax the sensitive skin and give rich moisture.
  • Repairs, rejuvenate and refines skins
  • Protects and hydrates delicate skin
  • Leaving the skin feeling as soft as silk.
  • Relieve Dry And Rough Skin

How to use

Moisturizing Cream or Mask Pack
  1. Blend it with a drop of natural oil to use as a moist pack and put on
Base Make Up
  1. If you want lustrous skin expression, use it by blending BB Cream or mix with make-up base/foundation and this soothing gel in the ratio of 2:1 then put on.
After Shave Cream
  1. Relax the sensitive skin and give rich moisture.
As Hair Treatment
  1. X sticky! Natural hair styling.
Relax Swollen Eyes and Reduce Dark Circle
  1. Put this gel on a piece of cotton and place the cotton onto eyes.
  2. Coat a puff with this gel and preserve it in fridge.
  3. Use this as a pack used for eye rims.
Nail Essence
  1. Put on nail, this gel makes healthy nail.
Body Lotion
  1. Put on the whole body to provide soften skin.
Mask Pack for Relaxing Sunburn
  1. Put on a mask sheet and leave for 15 minutes.


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