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HANSKIN Real Complexion Cream EX 50g V2

HANSKIN Real Complexion Cream EX 50g V2



Product Description

Korean HANSKIN Real Complexion cream EX 50g Skincare Cosmetic Description

❌ not cosmetics ✅ is skin care products, no need to removal!

Hanskin Real Complexion Cream also known as pink cream or pink moisturizing cream! Drain contains no artificial colors,  moisturizing function is also very good!

The product does not hurt the skin, does not contain artificial coloring, will not leave the pigment system pores make the pores blocked, the skin will not turn yellow or dark acne formation acne! Well, not only day time can be used, at night also can be used before going to bed , So that the yellow, pale, uneven skin color muscle can have a lovely 24-hour natural health pink.

Volume: 50 g
Formulated with 13 patented ingredients derived from natural souces to hydrate & even out the skintone.
Contains Ceramide & Calamine to provide excellent soothing and moisturizing effects.
Helps lighten any hiper-pigmentation such as sunspots or scars.
Instantly corrects a range of complexion concerns including dullness, sallowness, and redness.
Free of Artificial Colorants, Parabens & Benzophenone.
Brightening & wrinkle improvement functional product.
Main Ingredients:Ceramide, Calamine, Polyamic Centimeters Rose Water.

HANSKIN Real Complexion cream EX 50g   – How to Use:

    After washing and all the usual skin care is finished, pump out the moderate amount of the cream.
Apply the cream in dots on the face and spread the dots evenly all over the face by tapping.
Expression of lightly pinkish skin glowing with liveliness completed.

Hanskin 瓶精华面霜 素颜霜









金泰熙同款hanskin 新品~ tone up 桃花面霜~一瓶就让你面如桃花!


我们要白里透粉红! 粉的像一朵桃花!



HANSKIN Real Complexion Cream EX 50g V2 HANSKIN Real Complexion Cream EX 50g V2 2


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