Do you want a divorce? Couples take an exam first before break up

Do you want a divorce? Couples take an exam first before break up

  • A few urban cities in China are influencing couples to take a “marriage and family exam” before they are permitted to separate.

  • It incorporates questions which concerning each other’s most loved food, parents’ birthday events, and viewpoints on familial duty.

  • In the case that couples score over 60% on the exam, they could be denied a separation.

China is so edgy to eliminate separation from rates that its influencing couples to take an exam before they are permitted to separate.
Some divorce-registration office crosswise over China have been requesting that couples take a “marriage and family exam” before they are allowed a separation.
It’s been going on in places like Xi’an, Donghai County, and Yibin County since late 2017.
Besides, the two-page test incorporates 15 questions in three segments: fill-in-the-blank, short answer questions, and an essay.
Every couples rounds out a test on the other.

The questions are as below:


Section 1: Fill in the blank (4 marks per answer, totaling 40 marks)

  1. When is your wedding anniversary?
  2. When is your spouse’s birthday?
  3. When is your child’s birthday?
  4. What’s your spouse’s favorite food?
  5. What is your child’s favorite snack?
  6. When was the last time you communicated?
  7. When are your mother- and father-in-law’s birthdays?
  8. How many times have you been on holiday together?
  9. How long have you been going out?
  10. How are the household chores divided?

Section 2: Short answer questions (10 marks per answer, totaling 40 marks)

  1. What are your best memories as a couple or most fortunate thing to have happened to you as a couple?
  2. What’s the biggest difference or point of contention between the couple right now?
  3. What responsibilities have you fulfilled to your family, and what do you think have you done well or not well?
  4. What responsibilities has your spouse fulfilled to the family, and what do you think they have done well or not well?

Section 3: Essay (20 marks)

  1. Explain what you think about your marriage and family, why you want to divorce, and your plans for the future.
If the couple scores more than 60 out of 100, it implies there is “space for recovery” in the marriage, while scores under 60 propose the relationship is on the stones.
Here’s a case of a (marked) exam in which the wife scored 80 and the husband scored 86. They were not permitted to separate since they scored so very.
However, it’s not clear what occurs in case one side scores more than 60 and the other doesn’t.
In addition, it’s likewise vague where is any component to prevent cheating or purposely failing to meet expectations to make separate from simpler.
The exam is intended to help diminish the separation rate and prevent imprudent separations.
It is on account of China’s separation rate has been rising. It is due to the expanding of working ladies and additionally to the rise of social media and dating applications.
From this, citizens are encouraging extramarital illicit relationships.
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