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There are various kinds of face masks that brings positive effect on your skin. For example, detoxifying, hydrating, moisturising, exfoliating and brightening. Pandorabox provides multiple choices of face masks to make sure our customer do chose a suitable masks in our shop!
  • Night Masks:

    Night/Sleep masks are more than beauty essentials! Although it is small, it acts as a relaxation tools to help you have an effective and comfortable sleep that you are deserving.

  • Sheet Masks:

    Ever wonder what are the sheet masks that helps you in your skin care routine? It is a very convenient way for person who want to take care of their skin everyday based on the effects provided by different sheet masks.

  • Jelly Masks:

    Jelly face masks are usually made of high ratio of natural ingredients such as fruit extracts and essential oil. It is more suitable for sensitive skin type’s person to apply on their face safety without irritating their skin.

  • DIY Masks:

    DIY/Homemade mask are made of homemade natural products. There are various types of ingredients can be used for DIY mask such as bananas, yoghurt and honey. We do provides premade DIY masks in our shop too. It is a simple way to try out something new to have some fun!

Face mask plays an important role for daily skin care routine. With various kinds of masks that brings different effect, most of the skin concerns can be solved. Shop online at Pandorabox to search for the right face masks that you desired now.

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Showing 1–12 of 659 results