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Pandorabox is an onine-based monthly subscription service that delivers a sampling box containing 5~7 beauty products to our subscribers. We enable our users to try out a wide variety of samples to find out what suits them best.

While there are many interpretations of the myth, most agree that when the lid to Pandora's box was opened, Hope remained. Like our namesake, we seek to provide hope to those who have difficulties finding products that suit them.

Hope is a gift that we aim to bring to the entire world. We seek to reach out and provide aid to everyone who has difficulty finding beauty products that suit them.

To enable our customers to try out a large variety of sample products to find out what suits them best, without going through the tedious and wasteful process of trying out full-sized products individually.

  • Customer Priority Our aim is to help people select beauty products that suit them, and we place great emphasis on making sure our customers enjoy interacting with us.
  • Integrity We pledge to conduct our business in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and ethical principles, refraining from unfair business practices in any form.
  • Passion Our staff consists of like-minded individuals that are passionate about our vision and mission, and will do their utmost to serve.
  • Embracing Change This is an era of change, and business models and platforms are ever-changing. We strive to keep up with the flow, employing new methods to improve our processes and reach out to potential customers.

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