About Pandorabox

Pandorabox is an online tester-place and  e-commerce service, enabling people to found their suit best personal beauty and makeup product include Body moisturiser, Hair colouring and styling, Bath and shower, Shampoo, Hair care, Eye makeup, Base-makeup, Nails, Cheeks & lips, Men Special care, Oil blemish control, Oral care, Anti Ageing, Whitening, Hydration.

Our Vision

Everyone can be Wonderful


To bring wonderful to our galaxy, to build anywhere have faithful on their daily demand.

Management Philosophy


1 Clients- Be the best of all personalisation on your needs.

2 Employee



               Passion                                    Creative                                     Responsibility




        Unite                                    Simple                                        Ethical


 3 .Investor Relation

  • Integrity
  • Interest                             
  • Sustainability

 Business Philosophy

Try It The Buy it.

Beauty Surprises In A Box

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