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Hair remover products is used for removing the unwanted body hair on the particular parts of body such as armpit, pubic region, arms, legs, bikini line, chest, abdomen and etc.
  • Shaving

    It is painless, easy to be used which is best for arm, leg, facial hair and pubic region by using razor blade. It only removes the hair at skin-level which will grows back within one to three days. Hence, you may need to do shaving frequently to keep your skin smooth. Make sure apply shaving cream or oil before start shaving with sharp blades to prevent skin irritation or razor burn.

  • Depilatory Cream

    It is hair removal cream containing chemicals to dissolve the hair shaft. Typically, it remove hair at or slightly below the skin level. Firstly, smear on thick layers over the desired area. After leaving on the skin for a few minutes, wipe off the cream immediately with a clean cloth or sponge.

  • Waxing

    It is a more pain method which includes applying a layer of soft wax strips or heated wax to the skin. Then, plucks the hairs by pulling off the wax layer as the hairs is embedded inside the wax. It is a fast procedure.

  • Sugaring

    It is similar to waxing and uses a sugar-containing paste or gel to remove hair. Applying the gel or paste to get rid of it with or against hair growth to pull the hair out by the root. You can make it at home as the medium is all-natural.

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