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The Most Insane Celebrity Weight Transformations!

Kelly Clarkson

The winner of the 2002 American Idol saw her career skyrocket shortly after her success with the show. Everything was a hurricane of shows and TV, but then something happened. Kelly gained weight and looked nothing like her slim self! Media criticism followed, but Kelly was undaunted. True fans supported her and said that they didn’t mind the body transformation. Well, as they say, what doesn’t kill your career will make it stronger!

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Top 10 Hijab Inspired style by Neelofa

Naelofar Beautiful Hijab Styles

Naelofar Hijab was founded by famous actress Neelofa Noor, it was her love for fashion that made her pursue her own label for hijabs. Naelofar Hijab was formed in 2014 when she and her team successfully came up with a revolutionary design for instant shawls.
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范爷都偷偷开始用了Blackmores Natural Vitamin E Cream

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